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Everything about your company is unique: its history, its competitors, its strengths, and the challenges you are facing. We hope our consulting work will illustrate how we customize our approach, our talent, and our solutions for each engagement. No matter the industry, size of your company, or the complexity of the engagement, our team is focused on cultivating a collaborative partnership, because that is how you get the best results tailored to your definition of success. We invite you to explore these Customer Journeys to gain a better understanding of our consulting work, capabilities, and our commitment to delivering results.

Our Work

Agile Transformation for an Energy Client

Due to significant changes in the generation and retail side of the electric utilities industry over the last decade, there is an increased urgency for energy providers to deliver products and services to customers quickly to stay competitive.

Trust Accounting Platform Selection and Implementation for a National Commercial Bank

A commercial bank was looking to expand its product and service offerings through its Trust department to attract new clients.

Time Sensitive Acquisition Integration for a Major Electricity Provider

Sendero helped in the merger and acquisition of a company's legacy technology and processes to the more modernized infrastructure at the parent organization.

PCI Compliance for Healthcare System

A large healthcare system was notified that it is now required to report compliance as one entity, rather than separate small business units. Through existing relationships, the client learned of Sendero's experience with PCI Compliance and requested assistance.

Implementing a New Wi-Fi and VPN Solution

After acquiring multiple companies, a large energy company identified a need to tighten up their cybersecurity environment to reduce cyber threats.

SAP Migration to Virtustream Cloud

A large energy company focused on the competitive energy and power generation markets created a sap cloud migration program to meet identified cost saving opportunities across the company in response to recent acquisitions.

Talent Management Assessment for a Luxury Retailer

In order to remain competitive and position itself for future success in an evolving industry, a luxury fashion retailer recognized the business need for organizational and process changes to support its omni-channel retailing strategy.

Radiology Project Management and Modernization of a Reporting Application

A large Texas-based healthcare system needed to upgrade their enterprise radiology speech-to-text reporting application.

Leading an Agile Software Implementation for a Large Electrical T&D Provider

Given rapid growth in technological capabilities and the desire to combine several legacy systems into one end-to-end project management tool, a large electrical transmission and distribution company engaged Sendero to conduct a vendor selection for development teams.

Learning Management System for a Healthcare Provider

A large nonprofit healthcare system selected Cornerstone as their new Learning Management System (LMS) to better support a large training effort that preceded an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system implementation.

Software Implementation Plan for a Wholesale Energy Marketer

A natural gas and power wholesale energy marketer was expanding its Energy Services business and looked to manage power assets in multiple markets.

Optimizing a Provider Directory for a Healthcare System

After a healthcare system went through a merger, they launched a project to consolidate Find a Doctor websites to improve the patient experience.

Office 365 Implementation for Genesis Women’s Shelter

Sendero recently partnered with Genesis Women's Shelter, a Dallas area domestic violence support shelter, through our Community Rock Program. Read more about how our team's impact has opened the door for Genesis to efficiently focus on the needs of its clients and address issues more quickly.

Access Tool Implementation for an EMR at a Healthcare System

After the merger of two large Texas-based healthcare systems, a need existed to change to one electronic medical record (EMR) system across the enterprise.

Cloud Telephony Solution for Stream Energy

As the number of credit card transactions increased at Stream Energy, so did a need for higher scrutiny with their security protocols. In addition to a new technology platform, a new cloud telephony solution was deployed for business users.

Economic Development Marketing Research for an Integrated Marketing Company

LDWW, a marketing and communications agency, was tasked with creating a multipronged marketing campaign for Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI).

Implementing a Disaster Recovery Solution for Major Utilities Company

A Fortune 500 utility company established an Enterprise Disaster Recovery program committed to enabling a solution that would ensure less than 59 minutes of downtime. The company engaged Sendero to manage the entire life cycle of this program, from building the second data center facility to delivering the final product that enabled applications to be orchestrated and moved between data centers.

CRM Implementation Strategy for HealthMarkets

A Health Insurance Agency, was utilizing a highly customized legacy CRM system that was difficult to upgrade, modify, and enhance to service the needs of its diverse sales force of insurance agents.

Merger And Acquisition Project Management for an International Oil & Gas Company

A Fortune 500 petroleum refiner and distributer needed assistance prior to its planned acquisition of a leading producer of base oils in a foreign country.

Community Rock: Collaboration Tool Implementation for a Non-Profit

As part of Sendero's pro bono consulting effort, Community Rocks provide our professional services to local non-profit organizations. With rapid growth on the horizon, Sendero recently worked alongside With Purpose, a coalition that raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research, to address organizational gaps and implement a collaboration tool implementation.

Strategic Dashboard Creation for Commercial Bank

A Texas-based commercial bank needed a way to aggregate and report its operations data accurately to ensure sustainability in the future.

Business Process Optimization for Revolution Retail Systems

Revolution Retail Systems (RRS), a leader in the design of cash recycler solutions, is positioned to double their field units by three times in the next two years. However, their intricate supply chain and lack of automated processes had resulted in poor inventory control: a challenge directly tied to their ERP being unable to automatically recognize inventory movement.

Office 365 Migration for Stream

When Stream, one the nation’s largest direct selling companies in the energy industry, found themselves operating on an outdated Microsoft Exchange environment, addressing the risks of a mail server that would soon be unsupported became a time-sensitive priority. Stream engaged Sendero to select the right technical partner, lead the migration to cloud-based Office 365, and manage end-user engagement.

Data Platform Transformation for Vistra Energy

Vistra Energy, a Texas-based energy company focused on the competitive energy and power generation markets, struggled with enterprise-wide data feeds as the source of truth for configuration and asset management. The tool in place did not provide reliable information, which was impacting critical business functions and projects.

Executive Analytics Dashboard Development for a Global Manufacturer

A multinational holdings company that manufactures crash test dummies needed a more robust self-service analytics and data discovery solution to accommodate accelerated growth and evolving market demand.

Improving Data Input and Management to Maintain Safety First

A leading distributor of natural gas, committed to being the safest energy provider in the United States, needed a more efficient process for inputting project and construction management activities across the country to ensure the safest working environments for its teams and the communities it serves.

Work Flow Transformation and Technology Upgrades for Stage Stores

When national specialty retailer Stage Stores launched e-commerce fulfillment operations, it was inundated with online orders. With fewer associates to help customers in person ­– and a keen e-fulfillment deadline problem – Stage Stores needed to improve and speed its e-fulfillment process, without depleting in-person customer service during the crucial holiday season.

Building a Next-Generation PMO for Healthcare Information Services

One of the nation's largest non-profit healthcare providers experienced significant regional growth through mergers and acquisitions, now providing quality healthcare to more than five million patients. As a result, the organization faced a multitude of overlapping strategic and departmental initiatives, including upgrading several applications and implementing an electronic health records (EHR) system within a new region.

Change Management Roadmap for a 3,500+ Restaurant Chain

A national fast-food restaurant chain with over 3,500 restaurants, serving over 3 million customers a day, started a pilot program to enhance the customer experience.

Analytics Roadmap for HealthMarkets Insurance

HealthMarkets, a former health insurance provider shifted its business strategy by becoming a health insurance agency. The goal: to ease the complexity of, and bring clarity to, the process of enrolling in a health insurance plan. With a focus on navigating customers through evolving state and federal changes, and achieving a sustainable growth rate, the organization needs to be able to guide customers to the best coverage options for their families and their businesses.

Business Process Management Implementation for TRI-KES

TRI-KES, a national distributor of interior surfaces and finishes known for commitment to customer value creation and strong corporate culture, was operating at near-capacity.

Organizational and Process Improvements for a Premiere Retail Company

To grow market share and adapt for long-term success in the digital age, a confidential luxury fashion retailer recognized a business-critical need for significant organizational and process changes.

The word ‘partner’ is grossly overused—and often misused—in business. A real partner will prioritize your company’s needs equal to their own, and I consider that a win. But a great partner puts your company’s needs ahead of their own and that’s a rare find. Sendero is indeed a great partner. Their team was technically savvy and professional, but what I found most impressive was their sincere desire that our project be a technical and business success. And it was both.

Ernie Cote, Chemical Information Services CEO
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