The Challenge

After a health care system went through a merger, they launched a project to consolidate Find a Doctor websites to improve the patient experience. However, they faced provider data inconsistencies across the siloed organization and lacked a central “source of truth” for their provider data.

To ensure data integrity and support their need for a better provider search, the health care system embarked on an initiative to create a network-wide Enterprise Directory to store and manage all provider information in one central location.

Utilizing Phynd, a provider data management and search platform, and working closely with Phynd, they were able to aggregate data in a consistent way and map previously disparate data elements such as location and network details to providers to drive a modern consumer search experience. This Enterprise Directory became the foundational provider data source for the health care system’s eight external-facing websites, online scheduling, and several ongoing digital initiatives such as deploying an industry leading app.

Having accurate and consistent data was vital to connecting patients to providers. Following the initial Phynd implementation and physician feedback, the client identified a need to standardize specialty and provider data in a different way and resolve an outstanding data issue backlog.

Once the Enterprise Directory went live and began delivering improved website search results, stabilizing and optimizing the directory became a high priority for the health care system’s leadership. The client identified key opportunities for improvement, including:

  • The need to align on taxonomy across the enterprise
  • The need to strengthen communication across the different business units
  • The need for guiding business rules regarding decisions impacting search results

The client tasked Sendero with stabilizing the directory’s current state and optimizing its data to improve the consumer search experience.

Having accurate and consistent data was vital to connecting patients to providers.

Our Approach

To address the directory, Sendero organized the effort into two areas: Stabilization and Optimization. Stabilization focused on ensuring the client had an accurate directory in the short-term. Optimization intended to enhance the consumer experience on the client’s external facing websites; not only would patients see accurate data, but they would see the data most relevant to their needs using Phynd’s unique integration and provider search API.

The Sendero team resolved the outstanding backlog using several tools within Phynd’s platform, which included executing various data cleansing and data mapping tasks—such as insurance normalization and specialty mapping—to ensure data issues were being resolved at their various sources and make certain similar issues would not come up later.

Sendero and the client partnered to create and implement an online ticket processing form that replaced a manual issue log, streamlining and enabling the team to better track ticket status and allowing team members to easily leverage Phynd’s Provider Outreach tools when needed to address issues. Changes to profiles can flow directly to Phynd or be reviewed by the team using Phynd’s worklist and data governance capabilities.  To optimize existing data, Sendero facilitated a series of working sessions with 21 specialty working groups made up of Marketing and Operations representatives from across the organization to collect data that would help optimize specialties, providers, and clinical terms.

Sendero and the client partnered to create and implement an online ticket processing form that replaced a manual issue log—streamlining and enabling the team to better track ticket status.

Our Results

With support from Phynd, Sendero developed a process that successfully optimized client data, partnering with the client to understand their priorities in enhancing the search experience and working to create a strategic order of events that was efficient and effective.

After gaining an understanding of the client’s business needs and priorities, the team delivered the following:

  • 150+ marketing and operations professionals were successfully trained to use the Phynd delegate access tool
  • 300 backlog tickets and 300+ new tickets created during the project were resolved and closed through a combination of ticketing, Phynd worklists/reports, and Phynd Provider Outreach tools
  • Website search results were improved through enhancing the data for
  • 42% of the total providers, 84 service groups and specialties, and 15 service lines using the Phynd Provider Search tool
  • Future state independence was established through creation of job aids, training materials, knowledge transfer documents, and a future state organizational structure to leverage Phynd tools and platform to continue to curate data

In addition, the health system’s partnership with Phynd has achieved the following benefits:

  • Ability to support an expanding ACO business by leveraging Phynd’s ability to integrate and support new use cases and expansion quickly – in this case, using Phynd’s network management capability.
  • An upward trend for online scheduling, with appointments scheduled online going from 0% to 6% for all visits in just the first nine months after Phynd implementation.

Sendero consolidated the clinical terms, specialty, and provider data collected from the specialty working groups and worked with Phynd to implement these changes in a Test environment, where the team then executed a series of test cases to measure the results of the optimized data before pushing those changes into production.

To ensure sustainability and reusability, Sendero documented the new process of optimizing specialty changes in a template and ensured that the entire Enterprise Directory team was trained to navigate Phynd so that they could utilize the provider data management tool more effectively.

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