Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness and Technology Needs in the Midst of Rapid Growth

The Challenge

With Purpose is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to raise funding and awareness for pediatric cancer research. Comprised of community and school-based chapters that function independently, this national organization develops and empowers its advocates to make a difference in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer.

In advance of rapid growth due to increased visibility from a national case study competition, With Purpose identified several existing processes that would soon no longer be sustainable. Projections indicated that approximately 25% of the temporary student groups formed through the competition would transition into official With Purpose chapters across the country.

With Purpose recognized the need to implement a collaboration tool implementation and bolster standardized processes to improve communication across the organization as a whole, but wanted to do so while still allowing chapters to operate uniquely and independently. Finding the right solution would mean finding the right balance between organizational harmony and chapter autonomy.


Finding the right solution would mean finding the right balance between organizational harmony and chapter autonomy.

Our Approach

To determine the current state of the organization, Sendero began by interviewing With Purpose executives and gathering requirements for a tool that would optimize standardization and enable collaboration across chapters. We then worked together to create a New Advocate Toolbox and standardize processes to formalize the onboarding experience for new chapters.

Once the new processes were finalized, we recommended, selected, and implemented a new collaboration platform and document repository that offered multiple capabilities for non-profits. Security, permissions, and back-end functionality were put in place to support With Purpose’s organizational structure and security requirements. The onboarding material was then uploaded to the new collaboration platform making it accessible to future chapter advocates.

After the new tool and materials were in place, we engaged existing chapter members to test the program and recommend necessary changes before final deliverables were handed off to With Purpose executives. This phase of the project ensured high user adoption through effective change management efforts.

“…[W]orking with Sendero allowed [us] to build something that goes above and beyond the original expectations…the implementation of G Suite will be crucial to the success of incoming advocates.”

Erin Benson, Founder & Executive Director of With Purpose

Our Results

The coordination between With Purpose and Sendero led to the creation of an onboarding program and implementation of a new collaboration tool, ultimately saving costs and optimizing organization-wide processes. Key deliverables included:

New Advocate Toolbox:

  • Created a structured onboarding process with specific activities and tasks for executives and advocates
  • Designed seven engaging modules for the onboarding program
  • Developed comprehensive toolbox with over 50 enhanced deliverables, templates, and forms tailored to onboarding and ongoing support for chapter leadership

Collaboration Tool:

  • Implemented a cloud-based collaboration and productivity platform
  • Completed email migration to G Suite which generated cost savings for the organization
  • Designed Google Drive to be the centralized location for onboarding modules and support documentation
  • Conducted end-user training on new productivity tools, including the New Advocate Toolbox where onboarding material is stored

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