Meet Alexa, Emily, and Emmie!

It’s been a little over one year since they joined Sendero as Associates, so we checked in with them to ask a few questions about their experience so far.

What led you to Sendero?

ALEXA: I’m a firm believer that you are an accumulation of the people you surround yourself with. This was a guiding principle when selecting a place to begin my career. I wanted to surround myself with smart, driven people who would help me be the best version of myself, both professionally and personally. I was drawn to Sendero because of the core values of integrity, passion, and shared success and the people who truly embodied them.

What stands out to you about Sendero?

EMILY: Sendero is unique because they care about you as a person; you are more than a number. They truly want you to succeed, which is evident to me through the way they have structured feedback channels and career progression. For example, each employee has a Career Advisor (CA), who acts as a mentor to an employee. A CA is a senior manager or above that meets monthly with their mentee to discuss project work, ensures their mentee is being appropriately challenged, and acts as a guide as a mentee seeks to progress in their career. Additionally, employees meet weekly with their project managers to discuss project feedback, such as opportunities to grow or affirmation of a job well done.

EMMIE: The emphasis on relationships. As an Associate, I feel known and respected by not only my peers, but also my managers (and their managers!). People at Sendero are genuinely interested in and willing to invest in each other, regardless of level.

What has been your favorite part about working in the management consulting industry?

ALEXA: Working with a team and watching a project go from an idea to a working product. The management here at Sendero has been active in helping me grow professionally and have supported and trusted me to help create and showcase deliverables directly to the client.

EMILY: Learning more about how our world works. I never thought I would do consulting work for a utility company, but I have loved better understanding the ins and outs of the client’s business and the ways in which they deliver services to their customers. It takes a lot of work to keep the services up and running for customers, and I am appreciative of the work that so many do.

What new skills have you learned in your first year of management consulting?

EMILY: The most priceless management consulting skill I have learned in my first year is the power of soft skills. Consultants are outsiders at their clients, which often means it takes time before relationships and trust are built. Having soft skills helps build relationships faster and establish trust sooner, making it easier to do your job. The client is more willing to assist you when they know you and know you have the client’s best interest at heart.

EMMIE: I discovered a hidden interest I had in programming and data, so I took an online course to teach myself how to read and write in SQL. There has been a need on our team for someone to validate data migrations in SQL databases, so I have been pulled in to help with this effort. Something I appreciate about consulting is how it has allowed me to be a continual learner.

Tell us about some of the internal work you’ve been involved with at Sendero.

EMMIE: I’ve had the opportunity to work on two projects for non-profits in the Dallas community—one that serves as a transitional living and outreach program for young women and one that serves as a catalyst for businesses to support the arts —to improve their volunteer and member management. For me, these projects are an outlet from my project work because I feel passionately about the organizations I am helping.

If you could describe Sendero in one word, what would it be?

ALEXA: Genuine.
EMMIE: Servanthood.
EMILY: Unconventional – in the best way!

As an Associate, I feel known and respected by not only my peers, but also my managers (and their managers!). People at Sendero are genuinely interested in and willing to invest in each other, regardless of level.

Emmie Stokes, Associate

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