At the core of Sendero’s work is a passion for people, our dynamic culture, and the desire to consistently deliver quality results. Passion, one of our firm’s five core values, is celebrated throughout all layers of the organization because we know that driven employees bring value and take companies to the next level.

As a result, we are always seeking tangible ways to support employees’ passions. One way we do this is through our ongoing individual and collective efforts addressing social issues in Dallas and Houston.

Jennifer Rossi, a Manager at Sendero, shares how Sendero has supported her passion and offers insights on how you can do the same.

Art has always been an important part of Jennifer’s life, and she is grateful she had the opportunity to explore this passion from an early age.

“My mom says I was born with a crayon in my hand,” Jennifer said. “I had access to art—my parents were able to pay for me to have art classes over the summer.”

Jennifer feels lucky to have had the opportunity to immerse herself in art education and believes every child should have that same access.

“[Art] changes how I see the world and how I see things. I want to make sure as many kids as possible have the opportunity to access art and have it change their worldview.”

Driven by a passion sparked in childhood, a love for art followed Jennifer into her adult life. While attending business school at Rice, she got involved with City ArtWorks, a non-profit organization that makes visual, hands-on art more accessible to elementary school kids. City ArtWorks has served the Greater Houston area since 1982 and provides curriculum-based art classes and events, as well as grant-funded projects like art therapy. She initially served on the board as a non-voting member for a year and has remained actively involved for six years, serving as treasurer for the past three years.

At the core of Sendero’s work is a passion for people, our dynamic culture, and the desire to consistently deliver quality results.

After learning of Jen’s passion, Sendero supported her work with City ArtWorks in many ways, hosting annual art supply drives and providing matching donations to assist in the overall mission of the organization. In addition, a team of Senderoans even provided pro bono support by writing a revenue growth strategy for City ArtWorks. The organization would go on to become one of the company’s first Community Wall organizations, a formal program in which Sendero partners with local non-profits to give back to the community.

If you’re looking for ways to put your passions into action, here are a few points to consider:

Find something you believe in

Whether it’s a love of art, baking, or running, seek opportunities that connect your passions with meaningful social issues or causes that make sense to you on an individual level.

Use your expertise

It’s no secret that non-profit organizations like City ArtWorks are often required to do more with less. Perhaps in your professional role you’ve got a knack for streamlining processes or executing tasks. There’s a strong chance that non-profits with lean human and fiscal resources would welcome your skills.

Serve on boards

Board membership is a great way to experience the ins and outs of a non-profit organization from the ground floor. By serving on active boards in your community, you’ll build a robust network of community partners that strengthen relationships between the business and local communities. By working in community, you are uniquely positioned to glean insights to maximize impact.

Look for ways to get involved

Jennifer suggests finding someone who is actively involved in organizations that interest you to learn more. If you have a passion for a particular cause, connecting with someone who is on a board or associated with a specific organization can provide invaluable insight and access to a network of opportunities that you can share with your employer.

Partnering with the community is a cornerstone of Sendero’s values, so we support “Senderoans” who put their passion for the community into action by giving back—it’s just one of the ways we find meaning in our work. With creativity and intentionality, you can enrich your company’s culture by sharing your unique interests. After all, companies hire passionate folks for a reason.

With creativity and intentionality, you can enrich your company’s culture by sharing your unique interests.

Rashad Givhan

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