This week, we are proud to share Joe Pruitt’s story.

Joe joined Sendero as a Senior Manager in our Dallas office one year ago. Joe has almost 15 years of consulting experience where he has led change management activities for large SAP implementations and also smaller custom software implementations. His expertise focuses in stakeholder engagement strategy, communication strategy and planning, organization effectiveness, knowledge management, and training development and deployment.

Understanding how we operate is achieved through everyday interaction with our team, so we sat down with Joe to listen to his thoughts on his Sendero experience.

“I was at a point in my career where my focus was on finding a place that allowed me to do the same kind of work but have more of a work-life balance. I started seeking out firms that had more of a local consulting model and Sendero quickly became my primary target based on conversations with friends about the leadership at Sendero and the culture.”

Our selection process for experienced professionals is unique. When evaluating these candidates, Sendero seeks out individuals who not only have tested talent and experience in consulting, but who are committed to investing in the development of our people, our clients, and our community.

“Bret, Ruth, and others have led a company that is steadfast on people development. There is a genuine ‘can do,’ helpful attitude and demeanor that is prevalent within Sendero employees, and it really shines through to our new hires and our clients. In my brief time at Sendero, clients have mentioned that the “Sendero way” of consulting is a refreshing change in comparison to the consultants they had hired in the past.”

Experienced hire recruits work across all of our service offerings to grow the success and depth of their skills, owning their own success while sharing in Sendero’s growth.

“Leadership actively seeks input on how we can make improvements from an operational and cultural standpoint. The focus groups that resulted from our annual culture survey show that our leadership cares more than just hearing from us – they seek to learn from pain points and take intentional steps to improve. In bigger firms, those decisions would be rolled up and handled in a vacuum. There seems to be a genuine investment of time and energy to constantly improve.”

Sendero can provide you with challenging, local consulting opportunities so you can continue to grow your career with no unwanted travel.

“After joining in August of 2017, I was quickly staffed at a banking client as Organizational Change Management Lead for two programs. The client is experiencing a lot of growth pains as they look to be a more robust banking organization. As the technology projects develop more efficient processes and systems, my team delivers the training, stakeholder engagement activities, and communications that will help employees move through this transition.”

We wrapped up our conversation with a few fun questions:

What are you most passionate about?  “Seeing others succeed and accomplish goals they have set for themselves.”

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?  “Jay Z.” Why?   [Laughs] “Because of his business ventures, not because he’s married to Beyoncé.”

What inspires you?  “Honestly, it is the investment my parents made in me. As an only child, I always want to push harder and be the best I can be, so that their “investment” doesn’t go to waste.”

What is your secret talent that few know about?  “I’ve been known to carry a tune. Karaoke anyone?”

After work and on the weekends, Joe often spends his time enjoying some of his favorite hobbies which include mountain bike trail riding, trying new restaurants, attending concerts, going to museums and art festivals, fishing, cooking and anything Home Goods.

To explore Sendero career openings, check out our available opportunities here. 

There is a genuine ‘can do,’ helpful attitude and demeanor that is prevalent within Sendero employees, and it really shines through to our new hires and our clients.

Joe Pruitt, Senior Manager

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