Meet Patrick, Brendan, and Marisa!

Sendero places an emphasis on developing recent graduates like Patrick (Rice ‘17), Brendan (UTD ‘17), and Marisa (SMU ‘17) into experienced consulting professionals. Having joined as Associates last summer, we recently sat down with them to ask a few questions almost a year into their Sendero Journey.

What led you to Sendero? 

MARISA: I was accepted to Sendero’s internship program the summer after my junior year, and the rest is history.

What stands out to you about Sendero? 

PATRICK: It’s a firm with genuine, caring individuals who want to deliver well and have fun doing it. 

What interested you about consulting? 

BRENDAN: I found consulting appealing because it offers a dynamic workplace with the reality of helping companies improve. 

Tell us about your project work at Sendero so far. 

MARISA: My time at Sendero has been marked by incredible growth opportunities. I was staffed on the largest project Sendero has ever undertaken and while there, I was able to work with a team that had a passion for excellence and that was always willing to offer a helping hand regardless of their workload. 

What has been one of your favorite parts about working for Sendero? 

BRENDAN: I’ve really liked how much of an impact I can make with the client even as a first year Associate. It’s nice to know that my work means something and is tangibly helping a company.

Sendero offers a space to learn something new every day and to pursue your passions all while being surrounded by a talented and hard-working group of people.

Marisa Rosa, Associate

Tell us about some of the internal work you’ve gotten to be a part of.

PATRICK: Last year, I participated in one of our Rock initiatives that delivered a strategy roadmap to a nonprofit in Houston. Now I’m involved in Sendero Cares, our volunteer opportunity management committee. 

BRENDAN: I am currently on the Quarterly Planning Committee, which has been a great experience. We plan the company happy hours and most importantly, the quarterly meetings. The best part is knowing that I get to have fun and be creative while also helping Sendero effectively communicate the company’s progress and future direction at our events. 

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting in your shoes what would it be? 

BRENDAN: Be ready to learn as much as possible. Taking initiative and being eager to learn will be vital skills to master at the beginning of your career since there is so much information available. 


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