This week, we are proud to share Ryan Braley’s experience as an Analyst.

Ryan Braley started his journey with Sendero as an Associate, and has since been involved in large scale software selection and implementation projects, played an important role in recruiting, and is active in Sendero’s Analytics Center of Excellence.

Ryan sat down with us to share his experiences at Sendero and what it means to be an Analyst.

What project are you currently working on?

Over the past year, I have been working with a Renewable Energy client to help select and implement a new software that manages asset information and interacts with different energy markets. The project started as a vendor selection to help this client select the right platform for its specific needs. Our team gathered requirements from countless stakeholders, coordinated vendor demos, created a methodology for scoring each platform, and ultimately aided in the selection of the system that was best for our clients.

You were recently promoted from Associate to Analyst – congrats! What has been the biggest difference between the two roles?

The main transition piece (from Associate to Analyst) was centered around increase in responsibility. Instead of consistently contributing to the success of certain pieces of the project, as an Analyst you are expected to own significantly large portions of the projects that you are working on, while leading some portion of internal work. Becoming an Analyst also gives you the opportunity to begin managing and supervising people. Because of this, you are not only in charge of managing your work, but also the deliverables that other project team members are creating as well.

How do you approach each day at the client site?

I can say with certainty that regardless of project type, Sendero employees approach each day with a willingness to provide value to our clients and stakeholders. Whether coordinating project tasks, managing vendor accomplishments, or creating high-quality deliverables, approaching each day with the mindset of “How can I best help?” and “What can I learn today?” always goes a long way.

How would you describe your growth at Sendero?

I have had countless coworkers and managers that have invested in my professional growth and personal well-being. I have yet to have a project manager who hasn’t looked to develop me and my consulting skills throughout my time at Sendero, which has meant the world to me. Along with the great mentors and managers, Sendero does a great job offering all of the resources in order to learn, prepare, and develop applicable knowledge and skills.

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I can say with certainty that regardless of project type, Sendero employees approach each day with a willingness to provide value to our clients and stakeholders.

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