This week, we are proud to share Amber Jacobs’ experience as an Analyst.

Amber Jacobs started her consulting journey at Sendero as a college hire. In the three and a half years since joining, she has been involved in testing and training for a Business Process Management System implementation, served as a project coordinator for an interior surfaces and finishes distributor client, and has helped plan Sendero all-company meetings and happy hours as the lead of the Quarterly Planning Committee.

Amber sat down with us to share her experiences at Sendero and what it means to be an Analyst.

Tell us about your evolution as a consultant during your time at Sendero.

My time at Sendero has taught me to have an eye for detail, present myself confidently, ask questions, be transparent, and actively listen for challenges.

The move from Associate to Analyst has changed my responsibility within the team to drive projects forward rather than taking direction from others on specific tasks. This requires an understanding of what the next steps are to make progress on a project. Analysts also take on a supervisory role within Sendero and conduct one-on-one meetings with Associates. Through managing a small team, I’ve been able to build foundational management skills.

What has been your most impactful project so far?

My first project at Sendero was the most impactful for me because it laid the foundation for my understanding of how our firm provides value to our clients. I was part of a team that implemented a Business Process Management system. I am grateful for the opportunities that project gave me to develop as a consultant at Sendero.


My time at Sendero has taught me to have an eye for detail, present myself confidently, ask questions, be transparent, and actively listen for challenges.

Describe your current role.

In my current role, I constantly lead conversations with stakeholders and project team members to ensure there is strong communication between all parties involved in the project. This requires daily or weekly meetings with each of my teams, 1:1 meetings, and maintaining deliverables that accurately track decisions, discussions, accomplishments, risks, issues and budget tracking.

What advice would you share with a college student considering a career in consulting?

Consider the facets of a consulting career to ensure it is a good fit for you. You will thrive in a career that suits your personality and working style.

  • Are you open to working in different industries and on projects you may not have previous knowledge about? You are constantly learning on the job, so it’s important that you enjoy the learning process.
  • Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable? Your role and project changes frequently, so be prepared to adapt to different situations quickly.
  • Do you have excellent time management skills? As a consultant, you may sometimes juggle multiple projects and need to effectively plan out your week, track upcoming milestones, and be aware of any issues that may arise. Time management is key!

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