Transitioning Business For Growth

A Leading Healthcare Insurance Brokerage Needed Assistance To Support Continued Growth.


The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry, especially within the health insurance industry. As a result of the marketplace changes, a former health insurance provider transformed their business to a health insurance broker to ease the complexity and bring clarity to the process of enrolling in a health care plan. They specialize in assisting customers with navigating state and federal exchanges and guiding them on the best coverage options for their families.


As they transformed their business model, the company introduced several home-grown business applications to enable agents and customers to view coverage options and submit insurance applications. Given the tight margins related to brokerage services, the company needed clarity and uniformity around metrics. They also needed improved visibility into a “360 degree view” of their customer in order to better support customers through their health insurance buying journey.


Sendero was asked to aid with developing an analytics strategy and roadmap to address the challenge of understanding their customers’ habits more intimately. Within the analytics strategy, Sendero documented the current landscape (Assessment Phase), set the vision on where they want to go (Design Phase), and devised a plan on how to get there (Plan Phase). Collaboration with the company throughout the project ensured a practical solution tailored for their unique culture and environment.

As part of the Assessment Phase of the project, Sendero conducted interviews with company executives, analysts, and developers to gather knowledge and insight into the current state of analytics. Sendero’s methodology focused on five critical pillars of analytic depth – Focus (strategy and metrics), Data, People, Process, and Technology. Once completed, Sendero assessed the company’s current state to establish a baseline view of the health of analytics within the organization.

Analytics should have touch points into multiple, if not all, parts of the organization. In order to effectively design an analytics strategy to help the company meet its strategic goals, each stakeholder was involved to define what their business should look like and how analytics should play a role. Examples of decisions that had to be made included defining whether to use a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid approach to governance, ensuring the IT strategy is aligned with the vision, and investigating analytic styles to be supported.

Utilizing the established vision, the Plan Phase centered around developing a roadmap on how the company could achieve the vision. Multiple factors were considered including budget, resources, priorities, and integration with business partners. The roadmap introduced a two-year approach with specific projects detailed in order of priority to establish a clear direction for analytic success.


Through a ten-week engagement, Sendero identified areas of improvement across all analytics pillars, all driving towards a data driven culture in which decisions are based on data. Addressing topics such as data governance, demand management, and analytics centers of excellence increased awareness of areas in which analytics needs to be actively considered. The project helped establish the importance of having a purposeful analytics strategy with the executive team. It also provided an actionable, attainable, and customized plan for the company to achieve an analytics vision that best fit their needs.

By deploying a full-scope look at the existing use of data within the organization and how it aligns to the strategic objectives, Sendero provided the company with a roadmap that can be used to effectively and efficiently move from a company challenged by the changes in the business climate to a sustainable, growing organization. By working collaboratively with the company, and engaging key stakeholders, the transition plan ensured that the internal and external changes were positive and healthy.