National Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

Program Roadmap & Organizational Change Management Assessment


The client, an American fast-food restaurant chain with over 3,500 restaurants serving approximately three million customers per day, began a program to enhance the consumer experience and target messages in a new way. In order to achieve that goal, the client was implementing new point-of-sale (POS) and customer ordering systems (including a mobile solution) and refreshing the physical restaurant locations across all corporate and franchisee-owned locations.


The corporate-owned stores already had similar processes and systems in place and had successfully piloted the changes. However, the franchisee-owned locations processes, systems and degree of incentive to change varied greatly. The client needed to create a scalable, efficient implementation approach, build credibility with the franchisees and demonstrate the return on investment in order to be successful.


The client engaged Sendero to conduct an eight-week assessment and then provide a comprehensive roadmap for the program and its initiatives, including the necessary plans to drive desired behavior changes within the franchisee community. Sendero started the assessment by interviewing more than 30 stakeholders and reviewing existing documentation to gain a better understanding of the program’s progress, level of commitment of its people, success criteria and concerns. Based on the findings and analysis, Sendero discovered the core program team was under-resourced, misaligned with skills and capabilities, and unclear on who owned what. The team also had limited visibility into all of the concurrent activities taking place. When these findings were brought to the client’s attention, the original scope expanded to include creation of missing project plans and charters for more than 30 work streams.


Within the eight-week timeframe, Sendero developed a high-level program plan to improve visibility and implemented reporting templates, processes and procedural changes to strengthen internal communication channels. Sendero also developed and delivered tools and templates to facilitate communication and collaboration with the franchisees, clarify roles and responsibilities and resource the team appropriately for the duration of the program. Additional focus areas and recommendations for future success, some which were implemented right away, were presented to the CEO and other C-Suite executives for consideration.

“With a project this large, we knew we needed to take some time to methodically review the entire scope including all work streams and individual roles and responsibilities. By bringing on Sendero, we were able to ensure these things were being done while not stopping the overall project in progress. Their team of various subject matter experts were able to help us in all realms of the complex project.”

Client Sponsor, National Quick Service & Fast Casual Restaurant Chain