Monitronics Acquisition Capabilities

Post Merger Integration


​Monitronics, a national security monitoring provider, purchased a Florida-based security monitoring company and consolidated all operations to its Dallas headquarters. This business decision meant that Monitronics had to migrate all of the monitoring capabilities and customer care functions in a timely manner due to risks of employee attrition and monitoring service degradation. Sendero was charged with overseeing and coordinating technology migration efforts helping transition business functions, and coordinating third party technology vendors.


The consolidation and migration effort had to be completed within an extremely aggressive timeline—a challenge made greater by the fact that the move occurred over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. The acquired company’s employees knew of the impending office closure, and for many, the morale was low. Coupled with the low morale, there was a high need for knowledge transfer due to the existence of very little system and process documentation. From an IT perspective, challenges included the need to implement a new call recording solution to handle additional customer volume, as well as the requirement to upgrade the existing Avaya telephony system to support new remote offices. Finally, conflicting projects within Monitronics’ customer service program management office, such as opening a new contact center, often caused resource constraints.


​Sendero managed the consolidation of the acquired company’s technology infrastructure into Monitronics. This consolidation included migrating telephony systems and lines, application hosting, and user access. Upon migration, Sendero was responsible for ensuring the systems and technology platforms were stabilized and business operations were restored to Monitronics’ standards on time and on budget.


The hosting of all applications and the receipt of all alarm signals were successfully migrated to the client’s data center, and the acquired company’s agents were successfully migrated to the stable, upgraded telephony platform. As a result, these efforts allowed for the seamless integration of customer care and monitoring functions into Monitronics.

The speed and success of the migration allowed Monitronics to leverage the existing customer base, as well as relationships with third-party vendors. Monitronics’ new and improved operations are successfully up and running.