Global Oil & Gas Company Strikes Data Center Solution

Total Cost Of Ownership Assessment


An international oil & gas exploration & production company determined that its data center was not equipped to handle its growing storage needs. As a result, the company had to identify a way to expand its network storage environment, but there was a catch: because oil & gas exploration is, by nature, difficult to predict, the company did not have a definitive way to forecast storage needs beyond the short term. To further complicate matters, the client’s existing data center presented physical space constraints, and the existing network storage environment could not be expanded any further. Sendero was asked to perform a total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment to help provide the executive team with short- and long-term solutions to the problem.


The client’s exploration group expected to receive about 70 terabytes of seismic data in the coming months, but if the existing system could not accommodate the data load for analysis, the result would be lost revenue. However, the main challenge for the client was to architect a storage solution that was reasonable for both where the company was in the present and where it would likely be in the future, and was capable of scaling incrementally in between. If left without a way to accommodate the incoming seismic data in just a few months, the client’s geologists would be unable to work, and the client’s business objectives would be in jeopardy.


Sendero completed a TCO assessment to illustrate the true three-year cost associated with several options: expanding the current data center, moving the data center offsite, and utilizing SaaS hosting services. In the end, the team collaborated to determine a creative fourth option that allowed the client to expand the storage environment to more than 2 petabytes without having to invest in physically changing the data center. This direction won executive approval, and Sendero moved into a project management role to work with a third-party company as well as the client’s IT group to facilitate the design and implementation of an upgraded NetApp storage platform that would allow for additional growth and greater stability.


Sendero established a comprehensive financial model for the client with its TCO assessment. An extensive data center consolidation effort was executed as planned, and the new storage environment was architected in a way that laid the foundation for future growth beyond the existing data center footprint. As storage technology continued to evolve and become more efficient, the client would likely have the capacity to accommodate even more data— between three and four petabytes—on its system. Finally, with the completion of the consolidation and subsequent implementation of the upgraded storage platform, the client was able to successfully accommodate the incoming seismic data and realize added revenue and growth.