Global Miner’s ERP Application Boosts Efficiencies and Visibility

Systems Integration: ERP Implementation


A global mining company was in the process of installing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, Ellipse, at two mine sites and one administrative site in Africa, as well as upgrading Ellipse at six mine sites and two administrative sites in a U.S. location. Simultaneously, the client was managing four additional projects: consolidating and outsourcing data center activities; outsourcing its database administration work; outsourcing the ERP application support; and outsourcing IT help desk activities. Each of the four projects used a different third-party outsourcer.

Sendero was engaged to coordinate and work with all of the third-party companies to design, build, and test the infrastructure components (i.e. hardware, bandwidth, processes, third-party applications, etc.) necessary to support the Ellipse implementation projects.


Because several projects were happening concurrently—with each one following specific deadlines and driven by a different third-party entity—the client struggled with maintaining visibility in its business operations. Further, there were challenges with efficiency, cost effectiveness, accuracy, and integration of all the backend systems.


Sendero developed and managed the team work plan, the technical cut over, and the operational readiness tasks and also acted as the liaison between the project team members and third-party outsourcers. In addition to conducting stress test planning, execution, and remediation, Sendero oversaw the design, procurement, and implementation of the technology architecture and infrastructure for the environments. Sendero coordinated the build-out of all Ellipse environments, managed the installation and support of the ancillary software products that were integrated with Ellipse, and performed the post-production and warranty support.


All project tasks associated with the technical work plan were completed successfully and according to schedule, which allowed for an on-time launch of Ellipse at all sites. With the successful implementation of Ellipse, the client is able to leverage greater efficiencies and gain deeper insight into its materials management process. Specifically, the client can now better manage just-in-time materials and equipment procurement, all while leveraging an efficient system to track all of the variables present at each of the mine sites.