Eyeglass Maker Sees Strategies for Improvement and Growth

IT Organizational Assessment


Our client, a leading manufacturer of eyeglass lenses, executed an aggressive acquisition strategy and experienced rapid growth as a result. The client’s IT group serviced the entire company, but the individual IT groups operated in silos. This meant the IT department did not have consistent processes, tools, and technologies across the organization. Sendero was engaged to perform an IT organizational assessment to help the client understand how to improve communication and collaboration within the IT group.


The company’s rapid growth not only strained the overall technology competency, but also caused communication problems between the executive and management teams. Because the internal teams operated in silos, the lack of business and interpersonal communication caused inefficiencies in processes and performance management.


To gain greater insight into the organization’s culture, Sendero interviewed IT leaders in all internal groups to assess how well teams communicated and collaborated, and then evaluated the efficiency of the existing IT employee performance management and staffing processes. Sendero developed and conducted an online survey of all IT employees to gauge the effectiveness of IT leadership, management, and overall communications, and to also better understand how these results impacted the organization’s culture. Once the fact-finding was completed, Sendero developed a customized plan with several key recommendations that included restructuring the organization to break down silos and improve communication and collaboration; develop holistic communication plans to drive consistency in messaging and common understanding of business imperatives; implement consistent service delivery processes and tools; document roles and responsibilities; develop an IT competency model to focus attention on critical competencies such as interpersonal communication and leadership skills; and to reengineer IT services budget and chargeback processes.


The client was presented with recommendations to improve the organization and better align with business partners. The recommendations provided by Sendero were designed to ensure that the IT organization was positioned to support expected company growth and improve service levels for all aspects of IT at both the project level and the operational level. Further, Sendero provided the client with best practices and tools to recruit and develop well-rounded leaders and managers, and to improve collaboration and relationships with supported business units.