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APT Course Development


For every product launch, a large manufacturer, distributer, and seller of many premium optical brands created Advanced Product Training (APT), a series of Web-based training modules, for its employees, sales and customer service reps, and eye care professionals. When the client acquired a progressive brand that features a new generation of photochromic lenses, the move required the client to engage four separate training modules within the APT. Sendero was engaged to design and develop three of the four APT training modules and drive the course to completion.


Developing an APT course would require the involvement of various department and vendor representatives, and the client did not have the human resources available to juggle schedules and manage the many design and review sessions. Further, because the client frequently rotated its various staff and marketing teams among products, there were several situations where a product team responsible for developing an APT course had minimal, if any, design experience. This was the case with the team responsible for developing the courses for the newly-acquired progressive brand. In addition, the marketing team wanted to include a new marketing message within the APT course that was still under review and ran the risk of not being finalized by in time for inclusion in the course. Finally, timing was critical: the client wanted two of the APT modules completed before its national sales meeting (NSM) and the actual product launch.


Sendero managed and co-designed three of the four modules within the APT course. Sendero conducted approximately 30 design and review sessions with client stakeholders and brand vendors to define learning objectives, module layout, and key messaging, as well as to determine how to best leverage the existing brand marketing content for the APT format. Sendero provided direction and vision for designing, developing, and delivering the APT course by drafting project plans and interviewing key stakeholders and veteran APT developers. Once the foundation was in place, Sendero drafted a project timeline as well as a contingency plan in case the marketing message under review was not finalized in time. Finally, Sendero assumed a project management role and leveraged its own proprietary ISD methodology to ensure the e-learning developer edited and delivered materials by deadline.


Ultimately, Sendero led the client through a successful course design and launch. As a result, employees in North America who were required to complete the APT training before the NSM were given the opportunity to do so.

Two of the training modules launched on time, and the third, although delayed by marketing, still launched days earlier than what was projected in the updated project plan. Sendero also worked with the client’s Learning Solutions Manager to develop future APT training for client marketing team members.