Eyeglass Lens Maker’s IT Roadmap Gives Leadership Focus

IT Governance Reengineering


Due to an aggressive strategy, a leading eyeglass lens manufacturer experienced rapid growth in a short timeframe. The company organization included several business units that operated in silos with unique — and sometimes competing— strategies. Although the IT organization was centralized in support of all of the business units, no consistent processes existed to ensure alignment between the IT team and its business partners. Sendero was engaged to assess how the disparate business units worked in order to recommend changes that would support current and future growth, as well as alignment with the company’s overall strategy.


Due to inconsistent processes and strategies across the company, the business units perceived the IT organization as a cost center rather than a strategic business partner. This lack of unity often led to ineffective communication. Further, these inefficiencies caused a roadblock when it came to making decisions and prioritizing business initiatives involving technology.


Sendero interviewed business and IT leaders to gain insight into the company culture, and to assess how the business units currently worked together. Sendero developed a strategic plan with recommendations that included creating a technology strategy and roadmap in support of the company’s overall business strategies and imperatives; the formation of a governing committee to ensure ongoing alignment of, and communication among, IT and the business units; and to implement management processes designed to provide a consistent prioritization and decision-making framework for delivery of business initiatives involving technology.


Sendero’s recommendations provided a protocol for the client to ensure that every future business initiative involving technology could be prioritized and then vetted effectively. The client was also provided with actionable strategies to increase communication between the business units and the IT organization, and to enable alignment around a common understanding of the company’s priorities. With the technology roadmap in place, the IT organization was in a stronger position to effectively support all business units—and the company overall.