Eyeglass Lens Maker’s Creative Training Teaches Best Practices

Training Design & Development


A leading eyeglass lens manufacturer was conducting regular training courses for its lab leadership and partner lab employees to ensure all professionals involved follow best practices to deliver lens manufacturing at the highest quality. Success of the program depended on leaders to effectively execute and implement the program for their labs. Sendero was engaged to redesign and enhance the program launch such that leaders would be well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively implement and sustain the program’s objectives for professional excellence, and, ultimately, help people see more clearly.


Previous implementations of the program were effective, yet needed fresh content to stay current with business goals and address the needs of an increasingly diverse lab network. It also needed creative, interactive learning to inspire leaders and build critical skills for fostering employee development in order to achieve the program goals.

Sendero was challenged to leverage the successful components of the existing program and seamlessly blend them with fresh, contemporary content to provide an engaging, effective and consistent learning experience for leaders.


Sendero reviewed the existing program materials and facilitated planning sessions with key company representatives to assess the scope and key goals, redesign the program, and outline the plan for development. Sendero then revised the existing content and developed new materials to include coaching tips, accountability, and other content and tools to foster increased adoption. Sendero met with subject matter advisors to review and revise the launch program collateral accordingly, ultimately transitioning the materials to the client by the requested deadline.


The re-launched program was a success with all attendees, trainees and leadership alike. The launch was received with high praise for its practical and engaging content, and is fostering a strong culture for employee development.