Sendero’s capabilities are skills and competencies we bring to bear across our offerings. They are our “special sauce,” skillsets that can make the difference between project success or failure. The value we place on these capabilities, and the ability we have to incorporate them into every project, differentiates us from our competitors. We have made it a focus for our consultants to develop these specific capabilities because we believe so strongly in the value they add.

Project Management

Project management is more than developing and executing a work plan, managing a budget, and logging issues and risks. Effective project management is about ownership. It is about critical thinking. It is about effective problem solving and decision making. Successful project management is about understanding the big picture and how every task, every person, and every dollar contributes to the success of the vision. Sendero rolls up our sleeves and holds ourselves accountable to ensure your objectives are achieved and your expectations are exceeded.

Organizational Change Management

Change is hard. In general, people at least dislike it; and in more extreme cases, actively resist it. Organizational Change Management (OCM) cannot eliminate the discomfort or slowdown in work that naturally result from change, but it can reduce the depth of the pain and shorten the time to optimal productivity. Pairing it with enterprise initiatives that impact your people in significant ways helps you realize the anticipated benefits faster.

OCM is more than handholding, it is a structured approach to managing change. Key elements of a strong OCM plan include: analyzing stakeholders, identifying change champions, planning communications, training, and supporting you post-implementation. Sendero’s informal term for it is “White Glove Treatment,” and you will notice the difference.

Business Analysis

Sendero believes our difference lies in our method and quality. We approach business analysis with an open mind and make it a priority to understand the key stakeholders. We are respectfully persistent with our questions and dig deep to get at the root causes of issues. We listen empathetically. We are thorough in both data gathering and analysis, at the same time demonstrating care and respect for your time. We work to understand all aspects of each situation, synthesize the information, and collaborate with stakeholders to design and implement solutions and processes that align with your culture and goals.

Strong business analysis leads to effective solutions. Sendero helps you understand drivers and impacts of change, and makes sure your solutions address those factors.

Quality Assurance

Whether you’re implementing software, managing a services agreement, or redesigning your organization, quality matters. Sendero believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to quality assurance; your business objectives should drive success criteria for how quality is defined and what methods are put in place to ensure your standards are met. Our approach to quality assurance takes into account your business goals and culture. Sendero is the objective third-party voice, and we emphasize empowering your employees to take ownership of results to be true stewards for quality on their project teams and across their organizations.

Project Management Office (PMO)

We believe a properly designed PMO will provide real business value and should not be unfairly labeled as overhead. A successful PMO is not over-engineered and is right-sized for your company. Additionally, a PMO that aligns with your culture and the complexity of your organization can enable you to deliver initiatives effectively and be good stewards of your limited financial resources. Your PMO can be business unit-specific or it can take the form of a comprehensive, enterprise-wide unit empowered to drive the transformation of your company. Sendero will collaborate with you to create an approach and implement a structure designed to deliver value.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a conceptual blueprint that defines an organization—including its structure, operations, processes, and technologies. The architecture determines how an organization achieves its objectives. This is similar to building a neighborhood. The objective is to build a community, but if you engage various craftsmen to work without a good blueprint, the result will likely be a development that doesn’t meet your requirements or future needs. Similarly, with an enterprise architecture, you build your business according to a master plan that allows you to achieve the goals and objectives you have in mind.

Sendero works to understand your business objectives and then collaborates with you to define the enterprise architecture components required to reach those goals. That may involve defining a business structure/organization, modifying the business processes, developing an application and technology strategy/architecture, or defining an information/data architecture that ensures your data is available to the right people in the right ways. The principles of enterprise architecture are at the core of all our projects, regardless of whether the work is identified as an official architecture project. It is a capability we recognize needs to be brought to every project to ensure ultimate success.